Dr. Lea Kelley, DC, LAc, MTOM, DiplOM


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to connect you with them.


Want to feel absolutely great? This is the doctor to see. I started seeing Dr. Kelley while visiting my daughter in Manhattan Beach. I now live in Redondo Beach and she is a regular for me.  I fractured my T7 about 3 1/2 years ago and she has all but helped get rid of the pain through acupuncture & adjustments.  In addition, she has done some testing on me and prescribed natural herb formulas that have increased my overall well being.  I can't say enough too about the Infrared Sauna! Loved it so much and it helped with blood pressure issues that I know have one at home as well. 

Recently, she introduced me to something else!  For years, I have been having tingling and numbness in my arms and hands.  I have been tested for carpel tunnel and diabetes and all was negative.  I was discussing this with her and she told me about this "rebooting!"  I had no idea! So, I did the electrode stimulus treatment she suggested and much to my great pleasure, the tingling went away.  I could not wait to get back in to her office to share with her. Truly amazing result.  

Dr. Kelley is not only knowledgeable but she is passionate about her practice, she is caring and will shoot you straight!  As I have to her many times "I have never felt better in my entire life than when I am coming in to see you!"  

Make an appointment, you will not be disappointed!!

I "found" Dr. Kelley quite by accident, but it was the BEST accident I could have asked for!  I have an"incurable bone/blood condition."  She has worked with me for about 4 years, and I keep getting better and staying strong.  When I have a concern or question, she always takes time to hear me and to consider what needs to be done.  She is a DREAM to work with, and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants to have a partner in ther wellness! - Ann Beebe

I've had acupuncture about 10 years ago and it completely healed me from my hip problem.  I've alwaysbeen skeptical concerning the non-western medicine, but I have to admit that acupuncture works amazing on me!  Dr. Kelley worked with me and I loved it.  I look forward to work with her again!                - Mylene D.

Dr. Lea has been instrumental in helping me recover from severe injuries sustained in a car/pedestrian accident over 2 years ago.  I had never experienced acupuncture before and didn't know what to expect, but found her treatments to be innovative, specific, and inclusive of a variety of very effective techniques.  She is warm, compassionate and    thoroughly professional.  Frankly, I don't know what I'd do without her."     - Pete W.

When I moved to Manhattan Beach, I knew I had to find a chiropractor that just wasn't a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, but much, much more.  Dr. Kelley turned out to be that person.  Her expertise is not just confined to ancient healing arts but has expanded into newer technologies as well.  The coming together of old and new technologies in different combinations are a win win in my book.  After a recent bicycle accident I bee-lined it to her office to have her start treatments on me.  I knew I had to get x-rayed to make sure I didn't have any fractured ribs which, fortunately, I didn't have.  Her use of acupuncture and Bemer device got me up and running sooner than I expected!  Walking out of her office after each session I noticed a marked improvement.  A big thank you for assisting me in my healing Dr. Kelley!                                                - Tim Kapral


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