Dr. Lea Kelley, DC, LAc, MTOM, DiplOM

DETOX safely!


There is a rampant toxicity load in our environment

It is causing an epidemic of disease and obesity that just gets worse on a daily basis. 

There are more than 70,000 known chemicals in our environment, with less than 2000 ever being tested. From fire retardant chemicals that interact with our cellular function, or organotins used in thousands of products widely sold today, we have no way to get away from these toxins. Like living in a war zone, we must accept that through life we will eventually be poisoned from the wide use of chemicals, toxins, VOCs, and heavy metals which cause cellular dysfunction leading to disease. It is only in the last 20 years that a process to safely remove these toxins naturally from the body’s circulatory system was invented.

Biochemist, Rick Deitch, with knowledge of new chemotherapies at Duke University was interested in the ability to remove the poisons of chemo from patients’ bodies after it had done its job, but before it could cause more damage to healthy cells. He learned about natural clinoptilolite, a zeolite rock made by volcanoes. In nature, its purpose is to attract and bind harmful materials like heavy metals, VOCs, mycotoxins and spores within its cage-like structure, capturing and keeping them sequestered from living things. Even new man-made plastics and their byproducts are able to be bound up to the clinoptilolite cage.

Over 14 clinical studies performed on this micronized and activated colloidal suspension of zeolite have proven its efficacy and safety in decreasing heavy metals and toxins in the body due to chronic exposure or epigenetic burden. Any other zeolites mined or man-made are limited in their ability and not on the same level as the one he created. The biochemist is AVINI Health’s own Rik Deitsch, whose tireless work has resulted in a safe and effective product called Cell Defender™ that is proven to attract and bind-up environmental toxins, forcing their removal, allowing the body to clean and repair itself. AVINI Health’s ” tip of the spear” technology is proving itself with hundreds of testimonies from people all over the world ecstatic over their improved health outcomes. “A cleaner, healthier body fixes itself,” Rik Deitsch.


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