Dr. Lea Kelley, DC, LAc, MTOM, DiplOM

E.L.R. Facials

imageimageDr. Kelley uses the Acutron Mentor device which uses 2 probes with cotton tips that glide over specific acupuncture points on your face.  The acupuncture points are stimulated to improve circulation, tone muscles and tighten the skin.  This device is FDA approved.  It has 19 built in treatment protocols for very individualized treatments.

The micro-current is so gentle that you will barely feel the pulses.

University of Washington, clinical trial discovered micro-current boosted elastin fibers by as much as 45% and collagen by 10%.  Blood circulation improved by 35%.

Micro-current may also increase protein synthesis by up to 73% and may increase ATP production by up to 500%.  Since muscles are made of proteins, this "toning" may help your skin appear more plump and rejuvenated. ATP is the raw energy that powers all cells in your body.  The build-up of ATP may another reason behind the lasting effects of the E.L.R. therapy. The "re-education" process of the muscles undergoing micro-current therapy causes the muscles to tighten and the skin to appear more toned.

E.L.R. facials can also minimize puffiness, reduce redness and oxygenate the skin as it improves the circulation.


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