Dr. Lea Kelley, DC, LAc, MTOM, DiplOM




Spider Vein Removal

Get rid of unsightly spider veins using non-invasive radio-frequency! Sign up for this aesthetic service by clicking on the link below the following important information.

EndoVenous Radiofrequency (EVRF) gently eliminates spider veins without toxins, injections, excessive treatment, or invasive needles – a highly tolerable approach that makes other methods obsolete!

With this transcutaneous method, a fine RF needle touches the skin just above the spider vein, and RF pulses are generated along its length, causing the spider vein (up to 1mm in diameter) to instantly close permanently and disappear (in some cases, deeper veins may require a second treatment to complete the removal). Mild redness and a small wheal remain, which disappear in the next 1 to 72 hours. Small scabs may form along the vein in some people, healing within a few weeks. See our intake form for additional details.

Spider veins (aka telangiectasia) are a sign of vascular dysfunction. Once they're formed, it's difficult to eliminate them even if we employ nutritional and lifestyle measures to improve vascular health (that's because once the vein's valves are damaged anatomically, the venous flow can't return to normal).

Now you can eliminate the results of previous damage that was already done, without penetrating the skin! You may also email clinic@ecopolitan.com to schedule a consultation in order to improve your inner vascular health and prevent future damage.


Treatment preparation: No oil, cream, lotion on area to be treated. Area must be dry.

Aftercare: No oil, cream, lotion or sun exposure on the treated area, for 24 hours.


Time Cost
 5 minutes and under $150
 5-10 minutes $250
10-15 minutes $325
15-20 minutes $395
20-25 minutes $460
25-30 minutes $525


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