Dr. Lea Kelley, DC, LAc, MTOM, DiplOM

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Revolutionary Laser

Easily unwind pain injuries, stress, and disease with advanced cold laser technology. Never before has a revolutionary laser been designed to dissolve cellular memory and induce Stillpoint Response.

Unique Approach

Our unique approach combines the use of numerous wavelengths, violet lasers, advanced digital processing technology, custom programmability and our patented ScalarWave technology to dissolve cellular memory.

ScalarWave Technology

By digitally inducing subtle scalar waves within the laser light, the ScalarLaser relaxes, unwinds and clears cellular memory. This makes the ScalarLaser a subtle healing instrument appreciated around the planet.

Affordable Over the Counter

The ScalarLaser is the most affordable laser with advanced technological features. It is cleared by FDA, Health Canada, CE and TGA and hand made and fine tuned in the State of Vermont in an approved ISO 1345 medical manufacturing facility.

A Gift from Stillpoint

All of our products induce a subtle unwinding or Stillpoint Response. Stillpoint is the neutral state that dissolves cell memory and induces yogic wellness.


Our Unique Scalarwave Approach

Frequencies healing and meditation energy healing with scalar energy

Scalar Waves, Quantumfield and Stillpoint

This nonlinear or quantum energy is all around us; and so to us, healing, wellness, rejuvenation and alchemy are all about shifting our experience and allowing the body and the personality to dissolve back into the unified field of this energy. That’s who we really are. The body includes absolutely everything that’s going on in this Quantumfield. 


Scalar waves are nonlinear waves, or quantum neutral waves, and therefore do not travel in a linear fashion from past to present to future. In scalar waves, the past and the future are weaving and dissolving into the present moment constantly. 


Scalar waves, unlike most waves that people are familiar with, are not moving anywhere and are much more like a space or field of energy. This field is nonlinear and has no trajectory or direction. 


So scalar energy is a nonlinear energy. And it is all around us and makes up the fabric of the universe and all life. In fact, many systems refer to this energy in different ways such as prana, chi, universal energy, quantum, scalar, and it is, from our perspective all the same nonlinear energy of the universe. 


The Stillpoint process is about taking responsibility for this nonlinear space, what we refer to as the quantum field, and for dissolving polarity. The more you dissolve in this space, the more you allow universal energy to flow through your field and guide you into a state of health and wellness. Stillpoint is the gateway, the starting point on a journey to that which is lasting, that which is beyond the fleeting nature of the body, the emotions and the thoughts, back into the energy around the body, or what we call the Quantumfield.


Yogis and mystics constantly live in Stillpoint—what they call “the space between the breath.” That’s why they’re always smiling and blissed out. They’re always both energized and relaxed. They don’t need to eat much; they don’t need a lot of sleep.  Stillpoint is not only for yogis and mystics. Everyone here in this universe is naturally keyed to Stillpoint—it’s not some secret thing. You have all undoubtedly experienced some moment in your life when suddenly everything intensified, a moment when suddenly what’s real and essential opened up for you and you felt deeply peaceful and totally connected. That is Stillpoint. The more you begin to open up to that Stillpoint experience and practice it, the more it begins to assist every facet of your life; it opens this Quantumfield, and helps flower the essence of who you are. It’s not hard. It is the natural state of all life.  It is what we are all here to do.



FDA approved: muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, stiffness, circulation and relaxation. 510(k) Number K091158

Unwind the glandular and cranial system

Enhance the immune and lymph systems

Open meridians, chakras and quantum field

Facial rejuvenation

Organ balancing

Dental issues


Dr. Paul Sibert, M.D., Chief of Neurology at Jershey Shore Medical Center says:

"Laser treatment speeds up cell repair and stimulates the immune, lymphatic, and vascular systems."


Want to see a before and after treatment with X-ray analysis to prove the benefits? 

- Abdominal Pain

- Acne

- Acute Disorders

- Achilles Tendonitis


- Addictions: Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs

- Allergies

- Angina

- Ankle Sprain & Pain

- Anxiety

- Arthritic Pain

- Asthma

- Back Pain

- Baldness: Alopecia

- Bedwetting

- Bell's Palsy

- Blood Pressure High

- Blood Pressure Low

- Bronchitis

- Bursitis of the Shoulder

- Calf Pain

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Cervical Spondylosis

- Chest Pain-Muscular

- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

- Coccyx Injury

- Colitis

- Common cold

- Constipation

- Costochondritis

- Cystitis

- Depression

- Diabetes

- Diarrhea

- Digestive Problems

- Dizziness

- Earache

- Eczema

- Elbow Pain

- Facial Neuralgia

- Facial Pain-Toothache

- Facial Tic

- Fatigue

- Fibromyalgia

- Foot Pain

- Frozen Shoulder

- Ganglion cyst pain

- Glaucoma

- Gout symptoms

- Groin Injury

- Hamstring Injuries

- Hand Pain

- Hand Stiffness

- Hangover

- Headaches

- Head Pain

- Heel Pain

- Herpes Zoster

- Hemorrhoids

- Hip pain 

- Hyperactivity

- Intercostal Neuralgia




- Irritable Bowel


- Jaw Pain

- Jet lag

- Kidney Disorders

- Knee Pain

- Leg Pain 

- Lethargy

- Liver Dysfunctions

- Meniere's Syndrome

- Menopause Hot Flush

- Menstrual Cramps

- Metatarsalgia – foot pain

- Migraine

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Muscle Cramps 

- Muscle Sprain

- Muscle Strain

- Nausea

- Neck Pain

- Osteoarthritis Knee

- Pelvic Pain

- Plantar Fascists

- Symptoms assoc. w/ PMS

- Post Operative Pain

- Prolapsed Disc (LBP)

- Psoriasis

- Renal (Kidney) Disorders

- Restless Leg Syndrome

- Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Rhinitis - Stuffy Nose

- Scar Tissue

- Sciatica

- Scoliosis

- Shin Splints

- Shingles

- Shoulder Pain

- Sinus Problems

- Skin Disorders

- Smoking - to Stop

- Spondylosis

- Stomach Dysfunctions

- Temporal-Mandibular Pain

- Tendonitis-Elbow

- Thigh Pain

- Throat - Sore

- Thumb Pain

- Thyroid (Hyper)

- Tinnitus

- Tonsillitis


- Trigger Thumb

- Urinary Retention

- Warts

- Wrinkles - Face

- Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)


Dr. Lea Kelley also uses these lasers in conjunction with the already effective acupuncture therapy. 

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Testimonial:  "The main benefit I receive from using the scalar wave laser is, when performing the full body protocol, it does a great job of quieting my mind and bringing on deep, total sleep which leads to me waking up feeling energized and refreshed."           - Glenn D.