Dr. Lea Kelley, DC, LAc, MTOM, DiplOM

Stress Relief!!!!!

The Aeon patch from LifeWave has been clinically proven to:

     *Lower Stress

     *Lower Stress Hormones

     *Lower CRP (C-Reactive Protein)

     *Lower Homocysteine

     *Lower Lipid Peroxidase

     *Lower Fibrinogen

     *It is a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory

     *Increase L-Dopa

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Low Energy?



Why the Energy Enhancer patch?                                        Significantly improve cellular ATP from fatty acid metabolism using the Energy Enhancer patch from LifeWave

Here is some research :Efficacy of patches in this study:

• Application of the Energy Enhancer® patches produced a significant increase in maximum aerobic ATP, maximum ATP from fatty acid metabolism, resting ATP, and maximum aerobic work. There was no significant effect on resting ATP from fatty acid metabolism.

• Results showed that A. Maximum aerobic work improved in 50% of subjects. B. Maximum aerobic from fatty acid metabolism improved in 36% of subjects. C. Maximum aerobic ATP improved in 46% of subjects. D. Resting ATP improved in 23% of subjects. E. Resting ATP from fatty acid metabolism improved in 40% of subjects.

• Results: application of the Energy Enhancer® patch has significant metabolic effects which confirm the manufacturer’s claim that it increases energy, stamina, and performance. These findings provide a rationale for using the patch in conditions in which increased metabolic performance is desired.

• The results of this single-blind, placebo-controlled study show that applying the Energy Enhancer® patches on the four described acupuncture points has statistically significant metabolic effects on a subset of subjects. The responders produced greater amounts of resting ATP (basal metabolism), greater amounts of maximal aerobic ATP (aerobic capacity), greater amounts of ATP from fatty acid metabolism, and higher levels of aerobic work capacity. The range of improvement was from a modest 15% to a dramatic 70% improvement in several cases. Assessment: This study supported the claim that the Energy patches increased energy in a subset of users. Furthermore, the responders frequently showed increases in all of the metabolic parameters measured, rather than in just a few parameters. Likewise, the non-responders failed to show any improvement in any parameter measured. This observation tends to confirm that the patches directly impact mitochondrial function, which is a physiological change and supports the claim that wearing the Energy Enhancer® patches improves energy.

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