Dr. Lea Kelley, DC, LAc, MTOM, DiplOM

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Dr. Kelley is a well-educated, highly qualified, and incredibly gifted healer.  I've worked with a combination of standard American medical doctors and holistic practitioners for years to treat the same persistent and mysterious issues with moderate success - Dr. Kelley is the first I've found to be able to pull all of the symptoms together comprehensively, and through analytical research and a series of diagnostic tests, pull together the first sets of diagnoses that actually make sense.  Even better, she is able to offer general treatment through acupuncture and chiropractic work, as well as a slew of other highly reputable therapies (FAR Infrared treatments, light therapies, supplements, muscle testing for specific product usage, filtration devices and more) to improve quality of life all-around while we work to address the root of the issues.  I am a Celiac with typical weakened immune and related sensitivies, and in Dr. Kelley I've found the best listener I've ever encountered in a practitioner, as well as a coach who I can count on to ask the well-educated questions I wouldn't have considered.  I am so grateful to have finally found a health advocate I feel I can trust!         - Margaret V.




Testimonial: "I suffered a head injury and concussion in 2008 that left me with impaired memory and bouts of amnesia.  Over the years, I've gotten progressively better, but I still didn't feel "normal" until I started seeing Dr. Lea Kelley.  It was like a light switch had been turned on in my brain.  Suddenly, the fog was lifted, my mental clarity and multi-tasking ability returned.  My memory has greatly improved and I feel like my old self again!"

                                                                                                                       - Nicole J.D.


Dr. Kelley has been such a blessing to my mind and body. I originally made an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment due to severe back pain I was having. I came back weekly and tried a mix of acupuncture and continued adjustments and I have never felt better! She is so knowledgeable and has every product you could possibly need, and she doesn’t push anything on you but she has a solution for everything! Surprisingly affordable and worth every penny. Through Dr Kelley, I ordered many different LifeWave patches that I truly think have the potential to change my life. There are options for everything: Aeon patches for stress and inflammation, x39 for stem cells, icewave for pain, energy patches, and so many more. I had my wisdom teeth removed last week and completely credit LifeWave and Dr Kelley for my quick recovery! The instant relief is a bonus but the science behind all of these patches made it an easy decision to buy. I am so happy to have found her office and highly suggest to everyone whether you’re in pain or not!                                       - Kylie

Here's what I want in an acupuncturist: a person who is passionate about their work, highly trained and deeply experienced; a skilled communicator which means they listen, understand and are accessible enough to make           conversation easy, and someone who views me as an individual and then designs a course of treatment that is tailored specifically for me.  Dr. Lea Kelley is that person!

I suffered from chronic headaches since childhood and had almost lost hope that there were any long-term, drug-free    solutions to the problem.  I'd experienced acupuncture briefly years ago before in Seattle but had never found anyone   in the Los Angeles area that interested me.  When I got a glowing referral to Dr. Lea, I took a leap...and knew immediately I'd found the person I was looking for.

Dr. Lea is bright, warm, vibrant and compassionate, with a big laugh, a healthy sense of humor, and a profound under-  standing of her practice.  After one visit I felt a deep sense of relief, a confidence that I was finally in the hands of someone who could truely help me.  In only a couple of treatments, I was able to go a solid week without aspirin, something I hadn't done since... well, I can't remember!  And there was nothing rote or generic about her treatments.    I never leave without feeling improvement and I always return with anticipation for what we'll be tackling that day.  Her energy and passion is contagious, making your own healing journey all the mor exciting.         I highly recommend her.        - Lorraine DW.

 "Dr. Lea Kelley is proof that Angels do exist.. It's truly a blessing to be under her expert care! As fitness professional by trade and a former professional athlete, I was blown away by her infinite knowledge, her incredible "bed-side manner" and her extreme passion to really help people in need. She has a wonderful and powerful energy (an amazing vibe) that you can honestly feel as soon as she walks into the room and her office in Manhattan Beach is beyond professional, warm, calming, peaceful and extremely inviting, far from your typical cold and sterile doctor's offices. From my first phone consultation (before I was an actual patient) she took time out of her busy schedule to really speak with me about my issues. Again, not typical of most doctor's visits/phone consults where you feel you are getting rushed. We spoke in length and she discussed an appropriate course of action for me. I knew from that first consult that I was in the right place! Her practice is a wonderful blend of "old and new", for example; State of the Art "Bemer PEMF Therapy and Lifewave Patches (a wonderful option to harmful drugs). I have never said this about any doctor, but I actually look forward to my sessions with Dr. Lea Kelley! I am deeply grateful for her help and for really caring about my health and well being. I only wish I could give Dr. Lea Kelley "10-Stars" cause that's what she really deserves. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my fitness clients, my family, my friends, fellow athletes and even complete strangers! Markus Boesch Redondo Beach, California"


"Dr. Kelley’s knowledge is vast and her healing approaches have helped me tremendously! She listens intently (a lot of doctors only hear what they want to hear) and gets to the root cause of health issues. A lot of people throw around the word “holistic.” Dr. Kelley truly walks the holistic path. "


"Have been seeing Dr. Kelly on & off for years. She's been my go to savior. Years ago I had a nasty fall. The orthopedic surgeon said I'd never be able to practice massage again because of a torn rotator cuff. I started seeing Dr. Kelley & have been massaging clients from 10 years ago to date!! She's thorough, dedicated & fun!"


"I first chose to visit Dr. Kelley's practice because she has the very unique skillsets of being both a Chiropractor and an Acupuncturist. I soon found that she is so much more - a truly holistic practitioner who serves as a portal for wellness in every aspect of life: Body-Mind-Spirit. She successfully identified and cured the root cause issue of a condition that was manifesting as a constellation of symptoms - after I had been to several expensive specialists who only wanted to prescribe drugs and never consider the whole-systems view. With much less time and money, Dr. Kelley read lab results and figured out the missing pieces, then combined chiropractic, acupuncture, supplements and suggested dietary changes that allowed me to experience true and lasting healing. I would recommend Dr. Kelley to everyone who is willing to take charge of their health and live in radical wellness."



"I’ve seen Dr. Kelley going on five years now. She is an extremely knowledgeable person in all types of medical conditions. Dr. Kelley goes the extra mile to help her patients, never leaving them without some type of medical care for their health issues. I am so grateful I was introduced to Dr. Kelley; she has helped me tremendously over the years. "


"The absolute BEST doctor ever ! I have been a patient with Dr. Kelley for several years and she has improved my health in so many ways. Her knowledge, experience and innovative methods are truly exceptional! Her passion for her practice of alternative medicine is undeniably seen in every patient she treats; from the Chinese medicine supplements she prescribes to procedures she offers (which are many). Anyone that makes an appointment with Dr Kelley will not be disappointed as she is a real GEM! "


"Dr Kelley has been such a blessing for me since moving to Manhattan Beach. I originally made an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment due to severe back pain I was having. I came back weekly and tried a mix of acupuncture and continued adjustments and I have never felt better! She is so knowledgeable and has a solution for everything. Surprisingly affordable and worth every penny. Dr Kelley has not only worked through my back pain, but also has been a huge help with wisdom teeth removal healing, shin splints, and overall stress relief and inflammation. 10/10. "


"I have been a patient of Dr. Kelley for several years. I use all her multi talents to help me stay in shape and keep active. I would highly recommend her for nutrition support, acupuncture, and chiropractic work. She is professional and cares personally for each of her patients recommending just what you individually need. "


"Dr. Kelley is excellent to work with .I came in suffering from Menopause symptoms that were severely disrupting my life. In less than a month I was void off all my symptoms. I am incredibly grateful and impressed. She is also a very pleasant person to work with "