Dr. Lea Kelley, DC, LAc, MTOM, DiplOM

Elevare FDA Cleared

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Elevare Devices use either RED or BLUE and infrared lights along with a slight vibration to achieve it's results.

Originally developed by NASA for patients that have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy, which destroys the skin from the inside out, they found that the LED light therapy also had cosmetic purposes.

AS THE ONLY DEVICE ON THE MARKET THAT TREATS SKIN THREE LAYERS DOWN, to the hypodermis close to the muscle, it repairs and restores by allowing more blood flow and oxygen inside, thereby propelling and restoring the body's natural collagen production (and more).  It literally restores three layers of your skin giving you a more healthy and beautiful look.


Research & Clinical Studies

Scientifically Proven.  Clinically Tested.  Real Results!

Elevare Skin's anti-aging and facial rejuvenation system was developed using red and infrared light technology.  To verify the effectiveness of Elevare's devices, numerout clinical studies were conducted by separate research teams.  In a two-month clinical study at Princeton, researchers recorded dramatic results.

Within a period of one week, visible improvement was reported by 91% of subjects.  Improvement was defined by the research team as reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, enhancement of clarity, smoothness, and radiance.

Within a period of 7 weeks, dramatic visible improvement was reported by 100% of the subjects, with 32% improvement in the overall appearance of their skin, in regard to all key signs of aging.

Here is an idea of what Elevare can do for a 68 y/o patient of mine.