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Plain and simple, the FasciaBlaster tools, when rubbed vigorously on the skin of the body, set off a chain reaction for the tissues to regenerate*. As we age or have injuries or postural deficiencies, our fascia tissue can thicken, become tangled and can “glue down”. The FasciaBlasting technique with the FasciaBlaster tools and oils, reverses the damage*, smoothing out the tissue, thinning the tissue and by growing new supple fibers.



It’s not snake oil
It’s peer reviewed and published science












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BOGO Buy 1 X39 and get 1 IceWave FREE
BOGO - Buy 1 X39™ and Receive 1 IceWave Sleeve Free
3-6 September 2021


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LifeWave X39™ Patches
Patented, proprietary technology
Supports relief of minor aches and pains
More energy and better sleep
Maintains healthy inflammatory response


Contains (1) LifeWave X39™ sleeve with 30 patches.


IceWave Patches
Supports relief of minor aches and pains
Patented, proprietary technology
No drugs, chemicals, or stimulants


Contains (1) IceWave sleeve with 30 patches.

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