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Medical Skin Eval.

On Monday, February 1st, from 3pm-7pm,  I am hosting a skin clinic with Dr. Tel-Oren (Dr. T), MD who does skin lesion removal in 10 minutes with no scaring, no side effects, no knives, and no needles! Evaluations are FREE! The cost of any lesion removals goes toward distressed Nepali communities and children, preventing child trafficking. The following photos provide more detailed information.Click here to learn more about

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Why Dr. Tel-Oren's Skin Lesion Method is Better for You

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and tells the story of what is actually going on inside the body. Diet, exposure to toxins, hormones, stress, excessive sun exposure (particularly burning of the skin), electromagnetic exposure, neurological irritation, local immune and vascular disturbances, and general health practices can create various skin growths, blemishes, rough patches, scaliness, discoloration, and more serious lesions which may be compromising not only your beauty, but also your health and longevity. 


With surgical removal or destruction (e.g. liquid nitrogen) of skin lesions, doctors usually guess the depth of the lesion and either -

1. cut too deeply (or widely) to be assured they "got it all," often leaving unsightly scars in the skin, while causing a local inflammatory response that increases the risk for cancer; Or -

2. not go deep enough - leaving the roots behind, with high likelihood of re-growing (as well as causing risky inflammation).

Either way, the lesion may be lacerated during the procedure, allowing cancer (if already present) to enter the vascular system and perhaps take root elsewhere in the body. If cancer is not yet present, the tissue trauma causes an inflammatory response, which may stimulate cancerous growth within an already-suspicious lesion or a benign lesion.


The typical dermatologist's approach is to superficially monitor a lesion for potential dangerous-looking changes during multiple visits, over many months or even years. Often, lesions will only demonstrate surface changes when it's too late, since the growing roots are not visible to the skin doctor. This guessing game increases the risk of invasive tumors growing deeper, becoming more difficult or dangerous to treat surgically, and even spreading. Even a biopsy of a suspicious lesion increases the risk of inflammation within it, or the risk of spreading already-present cancerous cells into the circulation and to other organs in the body.


Dr. Tel-Oren's method, employed by certified, licensed physicians in many states and countries, can remove unwanted skin growths and blemishes (even small, flat, dark-pigmented nevi that can lead to melanoma) much more safely and esthetically, with minimal pain (slight stinging which lasts just a few minutes) and non-surgically. 

This method eliminates the guessing about the depth of the lesion (or the presence of roots underneath it): When the top layer falls off, it is very easy to see hidden roots and treat them in the same non-invasive manner, until complete removal has been achieved (most lesions will be removed completely within one treatment, some within two. Three is rare!). 


This revolutionary approach minimizes the risk of new inflammation within the lesion. And thanks to its non-invasive nature, it is easy to treat any lesion completely and safely, long before it might become risky!