Dr. Lea Kelley, DC, LAc, MTOM, DiplAc

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Testimonial: "I suffered a head injury and concussion in 2008 that left me with impaired memory and bouts of amnesia.  Over the years, I've gotten progressively better, but I still didn't feel "normal" until I started seeing Dr. Lea Kelley.  It was like a light switch had been turned on in my brain.  Suddenly, the fog was lifted, my mental clarity and multi-tasking ability returned.  My memory has greatly improved and I feel like my old self again!"

                                                                                                                       - Nicole J.D.

Here's what I want in an acupuncturist: a person who is passionate about their work, highly trained and deeply experienced; a skilled communicator which means they listen, understand and are accessible enough to make           conversation easy, and someone who views me as an individual and then designs a course of treatment that is tailored specifically for me.  Dr. Lea Kelley is that person!

I suffered from chronic headaches since childhood and had almost lost hope that there were any long-term, drug-free    solutions to the problem.  I'd experienced acupuncture briefly years ago before in Seattle but had never found anyone   in the Los Angeles area that interested me.  When I got a glowing referral to Dr. Lea, I took a leap...and knew immediately I'd found the person I was looking for.

Dr. Lea is bright, warm, vibrant and compassionate, with a big laugh, a healthy sense of humor, and a profound under-  standing of her practice.  After one visit I felt a deep sense of relief, a confidence that I was finally in the hands of someone who could truely help me.  In only a couple of treatments, I was able to go a solid week without aspirin, something I hadn't done since... well, I can't remember!  And there was nothing rote or generic about her treatments.    I never leave without feeling improvement and I always return with anticipation for what we'll be tackling that day.  Her energy and passion is contagious, making your own healing journey all the mor exciting.         I highly recommend her.        - Lorraine DW.